Brief History:

        Robbie G has been making a huge impact in the hip-hop scene by touring Canada relentlessly while releasing new music every year since he started.  Having released 5 mixtapes before his debut album “Think” (11/11/11) He has since released 5 albums; “Reality CD” (12/12/12), “Ripple Effect” (11/12/13), “Stay Grounded” (09/11/15), “Inner Outer Space” (11/18/16) and "Boom Bap" (09/23/17) as well as one more mixtape “Premo” (12/25/14). Aside from his musical output, Robbie G has also been busy performing at over 500 shows alongside artists such as Mos Def, Rakim, Tech N9ne and more. He is now set to tour in the summer with his new album FIRE (9/2/18). 

         When not creating and touring, he is busy running his promotions company, R-Evolution Media based in Guelph, ON. Booking shows in his hometown and across Canada for acts such as: Sean Paul, Akon, T.I., Sean Kingston, Nelly & more. A true entrepreneur and a businessman Robbie G has been able to make a living doing what he loves. By being very passionate and personable with fans combined with his ability to put on a high energy performance he has captivated hip-hop fans and music listeners all over! He's sold thousands of copies of his albums internationally with features from Swollen Members, Merkules, Killah Priest & Canibus as well as production from Classified, C-Lance, Young K & more.

Recent Press:
article for “Fun House” 
video with Swollen Members

article for "Do What You Do" 
video with Evil Ebenezer

 - completed 3 headlining
tours across Canada
- Performed for crowds of 
more than 5,000 people
- Created the theme song for CBC’s

TV show Wrap Rage on Marketplace

For more on Robbie G view the documentary -> Head Space (Robbie G Documentary)

Robbie G & Akon
@ The Kee To Bala June 24th, 2017
Robbie G & Sean Kingston 
@ Elements in Kitchener Dec 8th, 2017
Robbie G & Sean Paul 
@ Guelph Concert Theatre March 17th 2016

Robbie G & Classified 
@ Maxwell's Music House in Waterloo Sept 8th 2016 

Robbie G & D'Eve Archer 
in front of a sold out crowd at the Guelph Concert Theatre

Robbie G & Merkules
in Edmonton at The Brixx Oct. 15th 2016